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Immigration to Hungary – Permanent Residency through Investment

immigration in hungary

The Step-by-Step Guidelines for Immigration in Hungary

A new route to EU Permanent Residency through investment: this is a program which many foreign investors desiring to settle in the EU have been monitoring since December 2012, for the key benefit that it enables you to invest €250K into government bonds and become a Permanent Resident of Hungary immediately.

Immigration service providers and their prospective clients are still waiting for the Hungarian government to release the bonds for investment; however we have been speaking to many interested individuals and providing them with as much information as possible, so that when the bonds are available, they are ready to apply.

Step 1 – Applying for a preliminary and following this, a permanent permit

This must be either applied for from your country of residence, or if you are already in Hungary to the relevant regional authority. The application will include a power of attorney provided by a legal representative, proving that you or your company has invested €250K into government bonds for at least five years, two passport photos and a passport with an expiration date at a minimum of 3 months later than the permit expiry. 

Step 2 – Time frame for evaluating the application of immigration in Hungary

If an application is approved, this will take no more than 8 days to process from receipt. 

Step 3 – Receiving the permanent residence permit

With an approved application for a permanent residence permit, the directorate will issue a preliminary permit that enables the applicant to travel to Hungary at any time within six months and pick up their permanent resident permit in person.

The preliminary permit authorizes a one-time entry and a stay of up to 30 days in the territory of Hungary for the purpose of receiving the permanent residence permit. Once in possession of this, the third-country national may enter the Schengen Area, which includes Hungary, and may receive their residence permit document at the Budapest and Pest County Regional Directorate.

The applicant may also request that the preliminary permit be mailed to a legal representative or to a foreign representative office.

immigration in hungary


National Interest for Hungary

Though this is a fantastic opportunity for many non-EU nationals, why have Hungary brought out this new legislation? This category is based on the fact that the investor from overseas represents a matter of national interest for Hungary, which means proving this in the following ways:

*         A credible document certifying that you, or a company you hold a majority share in, has invested the  €250K into government stocks or bonds for a duration of at least five years

*         A document issued by the licensed agent handling your application and the investment

By providing this proof, the government will then assume that you possess the funds for healthcare, livelihood and to support any family moving with you.


What about my family?

The entry and stay of family members

The spouse and minor children of third-country nationals applying for permanent residency in Hungary in the ‘national interest’ category are also entitled to submit an application for a residence permit for the purpose of family unification simultaneously with the main applicant.

Register your Interest for immigration in Hungary

Now is the time to tell us if you are interested in obtaining Hungarian Permanent Residency through investment, along with many other individuals and families who are considering this attractive opportunity.  Contact us at [email protected]

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garry 16-05-2013, 17:18

how much indian rupees need to invest

omar 18-05-2013, 14:25

what about syrians people which are in another countries. are they allowed to get refugee ?!

Mike Hartman 21-05-2013, 16:04

The route that we help people with is an Investors path I am sorry sir.

Alu Pompay 28-06-2013, 10:43

How will one be sure this is not another format for online scam :D

Mike Hartman 28-06-2013, 11:08

We are a well established 20+ year old company with an A+ BBB rating.

Zakaria 21-07-2013, 13:24

Do I have to wait 5 years and then apply or can I apply as soon as I invest the 250K?

Ali 29-07-2013, 21:07

Whether i can apply from india or say if will come personally to hungry and can aply directly,if i want to invest 250 euros in government bonds,will i get interest on that,thanks

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