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Running a Business is a path to Immigration into Germany


Why Choose Germany?

Why Germany, or indeed, why not Germany? There are many reasons for you to make this affluent, dynamic and culturally rich European country your home.

With its temperate seasonal climate, stunning countryside and buzzing, cosmopolitan cities, there is something for everyone in Germany.

In terms of business, whether you are an entrepreneur investing to make a real impact or an existing business owner keen to expand into the European single market, Germany is your hub. Alongside maintaining its status as the third largest economy in the world, it is well positioned geographically for both eastern and western Europe and is the second biggest exporter in the world after China.

Business in Germany

Germany welcomes non-EU nationals who plan to invest in a legitimate business, who are able live there in order to develop it and make a positive impact on the local economy.

In terms of economic and geographic positioning, it is a prime place to invest: Germany has with ready access to Asia and the Americas, and as the largest country in Europe, German is also the continent’s most widely spoken language.

Living in Germany to Run a Business

As a basis for your application you will need to produce a business plan to submit to the German authorities for assessment. This will need to demonstrate that Germany will have an interest in your business – this can be a wider or more regional need for the product or service you are providing. The business plan will also have to deliver compelling evidence of the following:

  • The expectation that your business will have a positive impact on the German economy and will not damage overall economic interests
  • Demonstration of funds to run the business for one year in the manner outlined in the business plan
  • Evidence of funds available in a bank account for living costs, for yourself and any dependents
  • Proof of financing secured through equity or by a bank loan.

A Successful Application

As with applying for any kind of residency, nothing is one hundred per cent certain. The authorities will generally deem a business residency application successful if:

  • The proposal is feasible
  • You have demonstrated your capability and experience as an entrepreneur
  • You are investing a level of capital which is reasonable and reflects the nature of your business activity
  • You are making positive steps towards employing locals in Germany and explained the training requirements for this
  • Contributions towards innovation and research are also highly valued within applications.

Interested? Discuss your plans with us

If German residency through business sounds like it fits your scope and requirements, please contact us today at  [email protected] and we’d be happy to discuss your business and residency plans with you.

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