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Questions of the Week: March 1, 2013

Questions and works with Start-Ups from all over the globe. We find it exciting to work with people who are pursuing their dreams with energy and success. So to encourage Start-Ups to succeed we started Start-Up Questions of the Week which features questions asked by real Entrepreneurs answered by our Start-Up Experts. Do you have a question about your business or Start-Up idea? Post your questions to IncPlan’s Facebook Wall or Email us. If we answer your question we will send you $20 via paypal. Yes, It really is that simple. Get paid to get your question answered!

What are the minimum requirements for registering a company in the USA?


It is possible to register a corporation in any state and also the District of Columbia.  Regardless of jurisdiction, each corporation only needs one shareholder and one director.  No state has minimum capital requirements for starting a corporation.  Each state calculates franchise tax differently and asks shareholders/directors to pay them at different times of the year, either on  a fixed date for all companies of a certain type, or on the anniversary of a company’s formation.

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What is a merchant service account and when do I need one?

Merchant accounts make it possible accept credit cards as payment from customers.  The industry is very competitive and there are a variety of different option available to small businesses.  These days it is almost impossible for a small business not to take credit cards so it makes sense to start accepting credit cards right away.  Accepting credit cards will help boost sales, reduce overhead and avoid nonpayment.   Apply here for your own merchant service account!

Why do merchant service companies prefer Delaware?


Companies that provide merchant services  do their due diligence whenever they open a new account because it is easy for them to be defrauded.  Merchant service companies  like doing business in Delaware because there is no country risk.  Delaware has an advanced body of civil law that makes merchant service companies feel safer.  All of the biggest US banks have branches in Delaware. In fact many are actually headquartered in Delaware.


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