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become an influencer


It's difficult to be that person who controls a room with their presence, knowledge, or charisma. Individuals with that kind of power are often referred to as influencers. With a few words, bold moves, or calm demeanor, influencers have the ability to exert control over a situation. If you want ... Read More
May 5, 2015Evelina Munteanu
branding your startup


Launching a new business from the ground up is a challenging task. You are going to face a lot of hurdles in the weeks and months following the launch of your business venture, and the success of your endeavor will be greatly impacted by your branding approach. How you establish ... Read More
April 30, 2015Evelina Munteanu
female entrepreneurs


A growing number of female entrepreneurs are choosing to seize business opportunities in cities throughout the United States. More than 8.6 million businesses are now owned by women. Many cities have launched initiatives that have attempted to attract female entrepreneurs by providing free services to help them grow. Five of ... Read More
March 20, 2015Evelina Munteanu
Startup Ideas


Entrepreneurs are, by definition, bold people who are willing to take risks to achieve something great. No matter how bold you may be, there are always going to be hurdles standing in your way. Some of these hurdles you can, and should, seek to overcome. Others, you should view as ... Read More
February 12, 2015Evelina Munteanu
facebook idea


Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner can be intimidating when it comes to marketing. You don’t have the budget to get billboards, TV commercials or magazine ads. Thankfully, those methods of mass marketing aren’t the only way to get new customers anymore. Here are a few simple ways ... Read More
November 27, 2014Evelina Munteanu
facebook google


If there’s one company that just about every household has heard of, it’s Google. One of the biggest websites and companies in the world, Google is certainly a company you want to pay attention to when it comes to being successful. Here are a few lessons that every start-up can ... Read More
November 26, 2014Evelina Munteanu
us states for company  formation


When entrepreneurs decide to start a new business, the main question is “where should I incorporate?” Each of the US states differs through its business climate and legal features. For example, while some states offer tax breaks for businesses, other states have a higher cost of living. If you are ... Read More
November 25, 2014Evelina Munteanu
Facebook Real Estate


If you’re interested in getting into the real estate investment business, North Dakota is a place you should consider. Located in the central north, the state is popular in the agricultural and energy sectors, it’s one of the lowest populated and is the least visited state when it comes to ... Read More
November 21, 2014Evelina Munteanu
Powerful Woman


As the years pass, more and more women are choosing the entrepreneur route, and becoming their own bosses. It’s certainly not easy, especially when you have to balance home life and other obligations along with it. We’ve gathered business advice from the world’s most powerful women. Oprah Winfrey Of course, one of ... Read More
November 20, 2014Evelina Munteanu
The Seinfeld Strategy


A comedian named Brad Isaac had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Jerry Seinfeld, and got to ask him something any aspiring comedian wants to know: "any tips for a young comic?" Seinfeld responded with what is now coined as the Seinfeld strategy: buy a wall calendar that ... Read More
November 14, 2014Evelina Munteanu


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