Laurane Graulier

Laurane Graulier is a student in Marketing in France and currently graduated from her bachelor’s degree. She is a frequent contributor to Inc. Plan blog especially in the entrepreneur of the week rubrique interviewing french entepreneurs. She has her on blog on street marketing, is president of her association that raises money for blind dogs and is about to start her master’s course in Paris.

Alexei Chemenda


Meet Alexei Chemenda: 8 months ago he was still a 4th year computer engineer student in Paris and is now Co-founder of MotionLead, an animated mobile advertising company in San Francisco living the American dream. He is twenty-three years old and already a fierce entrepreneur that found his way through ... Read More
October 29, 2014Laurane Graulier
Aarjav Trivedi founder of Summon


Meet Aarjav Trivedi, a young Entrepreneur in the Sillicon Valley that tackles a fast moving on-demand transportation industry with his application called Summon. He challenges the fashionable on-demand system with a scheduling ride application that allows you to plan ahead of time for your rides. Could you explain what Summon is ... Read More
October 16, 2014Laurane Graulier
alessandro biggi


Could you explain what 20Lines is? 20lines is the best place to write, read and share short wonderful short stories. Our goal is to connect readers with thousands of free stories written by talented emerging authors who want to build and increase their reputation online. 20lines is both web and mobile and ... Read More
August 14, 2014Laurane Graulier


What kind of services does your company provide? McGregor Consultants is an established provider of recruitment services based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and serving the global upstream oil and gas industry. We bring an ultra-responsive, personalized approach to recruiting and placing highly qualified oil and gas professionals for contract and permanent positions ... Read More
September 21, 2013Laurane Graulier


What services does your company, Un Autre Regard, provide? I do lifestyle wedding photos and video reports, books and art prints. These books are very high quality with a wide range of covers, five different styles of paper, 3 layers of pages and multiple combinations of finish. For over 10 years ... Read More
August 11, 2013Laurane Graulier


Charles Rambeau, a young Frenchman who turned a love of video and a whimsical name into a successful advertising agency. What kind of services does your company provide? We are an audiovisual agency. We produce audiovisual content (videos or photos), for promotion, institutions and also cover events. Whether it is regarding photos ... Read More
August 4, 2013Laurane Graulier


Cricket, to many people on this planet, was only revolutionary when Ireland beat England in 2011 by chasing down a massive target of 327. Rémi Lantieri Jullien Co-founder of Khepri sees crickets’ revolutionary potential more widely--as a source of ethical proteins and biopolymers. His company, Khepri,  wants to use crickets ... Read More
July 10, 2013Laurane Graulier


A Frenchman in America offers foreign investors a chance to make profits in Florida real estate. What services does your company provide? We provide an opportunity for overseas persons to invest in the Florida real estate market. We specialize in government subsidized housing which allows our investors to both have a chance ... Read More
June 29, 2013Laurane Graulier


Peter Franklin, founder of FITLane, leader in the gym industry in the “Cote d’azur”, France In a brutally competitive industry, Peter Franklin is a man who has  managed to stand out. Not only did he build one successful gym, but he built eight. Eight gyms with the latest machines, dozens of ... Read More
June 14, 2013Laurane Graulier


Arthur Querou of Appinest creators of the Pphone applications “Meme Reader” and “Whenay”. What services does your company provide? Appinest, a company created by Louis Bur and myself, is an iPhone app development company. We have built two apps. The first one is called MEME READER, a free app that lets you ... Read More
June 7, 2013Laurane Graulier


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