Mike Hartman

Michael Hartman attended Wilmington University and obtained both a Bachelors in Business with a focus in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration. He has years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Tax Planning for Domestic Corporations. He currently manages multiple successful Social Media Campaigns across several industries and markets worldwide.

business ecosystem


The world is a very large place no matter who tells you "it's a small one." When considering where on earth you should headquarter your business, however, you'll find that your choices are quite narrow if you want to enjoy various benefits associated with a business ecosystem. If you are ... Read More
September 16, 2015Mike Hartman
Startup Funding


Obtaining startup funding is one of the toughest challenges for an entrepreneur. Loans don't always cover what you need, and not everyone has connections with prospective investors. Online crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular alternative to other funding methods because it allows entrepreneurs to reach a huge pool ... Read More
September 11, 2015Mike Hartman
delaware llc


Delaware is a serious hotspot for business formation. Over a million business entities have been created in the state, and more than 50 percent of publicly traded companies are legally incorporated in Delaware. What accounts for the state's popularity among business owners? Several legal and financial factors ... Read More
September 10, 2015Mike Hartman
an angel investor


If you're starting a small business, you'll need some funds to get your new venture off the ground. Raising money can be one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur; one of the most effective ways to procure the funds you need is to work with an angel ... Read More
September 4, 2015Mike Hartman
business plan


Whether you're a solo-entrepreneur or part of a startup team, outlining your growth plan is essential for tracking progress. Regardless of whether you plan to seek investor funding or bootstrap your business, you need to have a clear vision of your company's growth over time. Being able to analyze progress ... Read More
September 2, 2015Mike Hartman
twitter tools


Building brand awareness as a social media professional is not an easy gig. Not only are you competing against millions of other brands online, you also face the task of trying to connect with increasingly busy consumers. With multiple apps and social media tools vying for their attention, it can ... Read More
August 25, 2015Mike Hartman
incorporate in delaware


When you incorporate your business, you'll have two important decisions to make. The first is what type of entity your company will be. The second is where you should incorporate. While you can simply incorporate in your home state, there are several advantages to incorporating in a foreign state like ... Read More
August 21, 2015Mike Hartman
seo for small buinessses


Small business owners should know by now how important Search Engine Optimization is. SEO is not just a trending industry buzzword, it is here to stay. Dominant search engines are the backbone of internet search, and the standard procedure for anyone who is looking for anything on the internet is ... Read More
August 13, 2015Mike Hartman
podcasts for entrepreneurs


Building a successful business as an entrepreneur takes determination, patience, and plenty of street smarts. While others are questioning your entrepreneurial vision, you need to be willing to stick to your game plan and see your business through to fruition. A great way to stay motivated is to listen to ... Read More
August 12, 2015Mike Hartman
first time entrepreneurs


When you choose to live your life as an entrepreneur, you are setting off on a bumpy path. Few entrepreneurs have meteoric rises towards instant brand name recognition like Uber, Twitter, or Instagram. The vast majority of company builders toil away in relative obscurity. If you want to improve your ... Read More
August 11, 2015Mike Hartman


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