Teddy Luben

Teddy Luben is a web entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded several music Web sites and related blogs. He is an editorial contributor to Inc Plan Start Up blogs. Teddy is a recent graduate of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.



Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lipshitz, is one of the most famous and successful clothing designers in the world. Born in NYC, Ralph Lauren started in the fashion world as a sales person for Brooks Brothers. He eventually launched his own brand of ties which he sold in New York department ... Read More
March 18, 2014Teddy Luben


About 50% of all advertising works. Now you can learn which half ! Advertising is great…if you know which of your ads is working. One difficult thing about advertising is that if you do multiple ads it hard to attribute results to a specific campaign effort.  Conversion tracking helps to take some ... Read More
February 17, 2014Teddy Luben


Nowadays every grandmother knows that just about any company would be well served to use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Unfortunately it seems like many companies leave their social media accounts as an afterthought to be managed by one of their grandparents. If managed correctly, a social media campaign can help ... Read More
February 11, 2014Teddy Luben


What is “content generation” and what is the purpose of content generation for a site? Content generation is the activity that creates text, blogs, images, videos etc. which fill a web site and provide its unique character.  Generated content may range from purely introspective, poetic sharing of life observations to an ... Read More
February 7, 2014Teddy Luben


Any ambitious global E-commerce start-up will find that its credibility, image and ability to conduct high-powered business will be severely limited without a US business bank account.  Listed below are key benefits that an American bank account provides:   Building your brand and customer credibility with a US Bank Account An American bank ... Read More
February 4, 2014Teddy Luben
michael bloomberg


Michael Bloomberg is one of the most remarkable people of the 20th and 21th centuries.  In one lifetime he built a business media empire, ran New York City as mayor and served the world as a truly remarkable philanthropist. Bloomberg Media is shining beacon of what reporting should be. Bloomberg ... Read More
January 31, 2014Teddy Luben


Erving "Magic" Johnson might be the most remarkable athlete and entrepreneur ever.  An extraordinary player; he ushered in the modern age of the NBA (National Basketball Association) with the Showtime Lakers. During his career, spanning 1979-1991, Johnson was a three time Most Valuable Player, won five NBA championships and was ... Read More
January 14, 2014Teddy Luben


Ted Turner is a eccentric media mogul in the United States. His cavalier attitudes towards conventional wisdom and his willingness to take aggressive risks made him a billionaire. Here is some of his advice for entrepreneurs. Take Advantage of Emerging Technologies One of the ways Ted Turner became a great success was ... Read More
January 12, 2014Teddy Luben


Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, is a pioneer in the world of athletic shoes. In 1964 when he and Bill Bowerman founded the company, Knight took  a product which had been viewed as an optional accessory and turned it into a necessity that everybody owns today. He is a ... Read More
January 7, 2014Teddy Luben


Warren Buffet is one of the most successful investors of the 20th and 21th Century.  The Forbes 400 ranks him as the second most wealthy man in the world with a net worth of $58 billion.  He is known for his eccentric habits and modest lifestyle.  Here are some of ... Read More
December 18, 2013Teddy Luben


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