Incorporate In Indiana

With major industries including manufacturing, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals, Indiana is an attractive place for investments.

Ranked in 2011 as the best place in the Midwest to do business, Indiana offers many resources such as a culturally diverse workforce and well-developed educational and infrastructure systems.

Benefits of incorporating in Indiana:

Protection of personal assets

Foreign entrepreneurs will enjoy a separation of personal and business assets when incorporating in Indiana. If your business builds up debts, your personal assets cannot be seized to clear them.

Flexible Tax Structures to Suit Your Business

Indiana tax law is flexible. Your entity may be taxed as a corporation or as part of the members’ or shareholders’ personal incomes, depending on your choice of tax structure.

Greater Credibility and Reputation

Becoming a legal corporation or LLC gives an impression of a much more solid and trustworthy business than a simple sole proprietorship.

This can lead to increased sales, and preferential dealings with suppliers and investors. Choosing a compliant incorporation name for your Indiana business is your chance to establish a strong identity, and we can help you find a suitable name to build your brand around.

Access to a Full US Bank Account

Having a US-based bank account can make business for overseas entrepreneurs much easier to conduct.

Major online players such as Amazon often require such an account before allowing access to their partner programs, for example. Setting up an LLC or C Corporation in Indiana opens up this possibility.

Requirements for forming an LLC in Indiana:

When forming a Limited Liability Company certain steps must be taken on an ongoing basis to keep the business in compliance.

Name requirements for LLCs

Indiana LLC names must end with the term “Limited Liability Company”, or the abbreviations “LLC”, and “L.L.C.”.

LLC filing requirements

LLCs in Indiana are required to file a formation document called the Articles of Organization. Indiana also requires LLCs file a biennial report for a fee of $30.

Required information for the Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization must include the name and address of a registered agent who resides in Indiana, and who is available to manage legal and tax business documentation. For more help with filing or for qualified registered agent services contact Inc. Plan (U.S.A).

LLC taxes and fees

In Indiana, LLCs are taxed based on members’ personal income. However, you can choose your LLC to be treated as a C corp or a partnership for tax purposes. C corporations are charged taxes based on the net income of the business.

Requirements for forming a C corporation in Indiana:

Each state has some unique requirements for a corporation under its laws.

Name requirements for C corporations

Indiana incorporations must have distinctive names and are allowed to use endings like “Company”, “Corporation”, “Limited” or “Incorporated”, along with their abbreviations.

Filing requirements in Indiana

New firms must submit Articles of Incorporation to the state. The state also requires businesses file a biennial report for a fee of $30.

Required information for the Article of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation must include the name and address of a registered agent with a physical Indiana address, as well as a listing of the company’s authorized shares and their assigned par value. Filing fees are independent of capital structure. Inc. Plan (U.S.A) can help you with the necessary filings and also provide qualified registered agent service.

Taxes and fees requirements

Corporations are subjected to a corporate income tax of 8.5% based on the net income of the business. Companies incorporated before July 1st 2012 benefit from a lower tax rate.

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