Tiny Little Delaware is a Banking Giant!

A little known fact: Every year, tens of thousands of American and International entrepreneurs open a business bank account with FDIC insured banks in the state of Delaware.

How can this be explained?
The same dynamics that attract business owners to form Delaware corporate entities also draw entrepreneurs to the state’s major banking institutions. These factors include :

  • The prestige of being legally and financially domiciled in a jurisdiction that is respected by the global business community.
  • Highly favorable tax treatment for companies that incorporate in Delaware and generate their revenues outside the state.
  • Full confidentiality for the Directors of incorporated entities that are formed in Delaware.

Once you decide to form a Delaware Corporation (or Limited Liability Company), you should review your banking needs in Delaware. Companies that hold a corporate bank account in Delaware are typically involved in the broad areas of business activity listed below:

  • Independent contract work (consultants , designers, travel agents…)
  • International trade (import – export)
  • Non-U.S. firms that seek a North American financial presence for their companies.
  • Internet and Mail Order sales firms
  • Publishing companies
  • Investment firms
  • Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations firms

Need A Corporate Bank Account?

There are also a host of financially oriented companies from around the world who seek the privacy and favorable tax treatment of operating out of Delaware.

These include:

  • Corporate Holding Companies that operate and/or control subsidiaries in different locations throughout the world.
  • Financial companies that earn patent, royalty and trademark income from their intellectual properties.
  • Financial Holding Companies that control real estate, franchises and other tangible assets in different jurisdictions.

Inc. Plan (USA) offers a wide range of corporate services to our global client base. Upon request, we introduce our clients to leading FDIC insured Delaware financial institutions that offer a full range of banking facilities. These include: online banking, corporate credit (and debit) cards, wire transfers and much more.

Inc. Plan can help you with all your corporate bank account opening needs.

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This document has been prepared using the best available sources.
However, tax laws and interpretations of tax laws are always changing. Inc. Plan (USA) cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein. In legal and accounting matters, seek the advice of an attorney or an accountant.


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