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Successful business owners understand the importance of being available to their clients. With Inc. Plan (USA)’s phone service many entrepreneurs are experiencing the multiple advantages of having a US phone number.

Why should you have a US phone number?

  • Don't miss any calls.
    Business owners of small companies are busy. Your customers and contacts can reach you any time, anywhere.
  • Establish a professional profile.
    You will create a sense among suppliers and customers that you are a serious and experienced business owner.
  • Answer your calls when you are ready.
    Each time you access your e-mail account, your phone messages will be waiting for you.
  • Low cost, simple way to maintain personal contact with your clients.
    Inc. Plan (USA) provides you with an easy solution for building confidence between you and your clients.
  • We will obtain a phone number for you in any jurisdiction.

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You can also call us Toll Free at (800)462-4633.International callers can reach us at (302) 428-1200.

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