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Special Report: “Delaware Bank Accounts
Editor Jacques Luben on Delaware’s Banking Popularity

Special Report: “Delaware or Nevada
Editor Jacques Luben on Delaware
and Nevada for incorporation

Jacques Luben

Is Delaware the Right Jurisdiction to Register My New Company?

With over 800,000 Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) already registered in Delaware, there is clearly a global appreciation for the benefits of establishing a corporate formation in this “business friendly” location.

International ClientsIn fact…Why do so many International and American business owners register companies with Inc. Plan (USA) in the state of Delaware?

It is very simple.

As a corporate jurisdiction, Delaware provides powerful benefits. Certain key features are listed below:

There are no personal residency requirements to open a Delaware Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). You do not have to be a US citizen to form an LLC or C Corporation in this state.

The business office and actual control of the registered Delaware business can take place anywhere in the world. Directors meetings can also be organized outside of Delaware.

There are no minimum capital requirements to register your Delaware business.

Delaware does not impose any limitations on ownership.

No corporate income taxes are owed to Delaware if your company’s daily commercial activities are conducted outside of the state.

One individual can hold the positon of Director, Officer and shareholder of a Delaware Corporation or LLC.

Please contact Inc. Plan (USA) to learn how easy it is to form your new Delaware company online or by phone.

We are a complete incorporation company offering Legal Formation and Registered Agent services in Delaware and all other U.S. jurisdictions. Mail forwarding and “virtual office” services are also available though our physical office in Delaware.

Upon request, you may also be eligible to open a Delaware bank account for your Delaware registered business.

Kindly ask for details you may contact us by CLICKING HERE. You can also call us Toll Free at (800)462-4633. International callers can reach us at (302) 428-1200.

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